Farfisa Syntochestra 4

A Mini Soundmaker:


The Farfisa Syntorchestra 4 is a very similar synth to the Farfisa Soundmaker, with a few missing features and a slightly less rich string sound.

The Synthorchestra 4 is essentially a cost/complexity reduced Soundmaker, the many individual gate cards for the poly voices of the soundmaker are now integrated into a single pcb. there are less controls for the mono section, and even the service manual lacks the fantastic theory of operation section.
it still sounds great, but lacks a bit of the flexibility of the soundmaker.
but it does weigh a little bit less.

Power Supply Particularities

In the case of a dying power transformer, Buzzing coming from the synth, a funny smell when you turn it on, etc. The original Pcb mounted power transformer can be hard to find, so It can be replaced with a dual 18.5v toroidal transformer, mounted on the lower chassis. Beware when replacing the capacitors in the psu, there are errors in the schematic:

Knobs: available soon

I'm making replacement knobs for the syntorchestra 4, for a unit that was missing a few knobs and had some broken faders. I'll have some extras made, so get in touch if you need some.