Torino Synth Repair Lab

I repair and modify analog and digital synths at my laboratory in Barriera di Milano, Torino, Italy. 

Repairs: From small issues like connectors and knobs to big problems like missing voices and not switching on, lcd screen replacement, missing notes.

Modifications: floppy drive emulators, aftermarket midi for analog synths, kit building.

You can bring me synths in person or send them by post.

Give me a call or send me an email for more info.

On this page you will find some info about things i've worked on, some repairs and some projects.

Tr505 Rythmn Imposter  a mod to put TR909 sounds in the Roland TR505 Drum machine

Dynacord Percuter Cartridges Clones of the Dynacord Percuter Cartridges.

Farfisa Soundmaker Replacement poly modules.

Farfisa Syntorchestra  the original.
Farfisa Syntochestra 4 PSU and knobs.

Farfisa gs42r spring reverb rare and fantastic spring reverb repairs.

Crumar Trilogy repairs and documents.

Alesis Hr16 Eproms alternative sound chips.

Roland TR707  a replacement screen is on the way.

Tr707 negative vibes -10v PSU replacement

Ensoniq Mirage  info and stuff to download.

Elka OMB5 a weird arranger keyboard.

Files Collection Manuals Firmware, Software, Schematics for Synths Drum Machines etc. 

Roland Juno 106 Classic synth with classic self destruct sequence.

Crumar DS2 fantastic italian synth that was made with the wrong potentiometers.