Alesis Hr16 Eproms

I have made a selection of replacement eprom sets for the Alesis Hr16.
The Alesis HR16 was created by Fast Forward designs for Alesis. it's based around an 8031 microcontroller and a custom Chip that reads the samples from the sample Rom into the multiplexed pcm54 Dac.
The Alesis HR16 has the words "High Sample Rate Drum Machine" written on it. This is true, the sample rate goes up to 50khz. A lot of people seem to think that the HR16 is a 16 bit drum machine, it almost is: the Dac is 16bit, but the samples are not, they are 8bit, but clever.
It certainly sounds better that a lot of 8 bit drum machines, since it uses an unusual (unique?) sample encoding sometimes known as "Christmas Tree" encoding. "pseudo floating point" as the creators call it.

Digital Sample based Drum Machines are nice, but they have a big problem, what if you don't like the samples?
Luckily The HR16 has been Hacked wide open, and it is possible to Create Replacement Rom sets.
Sample based drum machines nearly all have the same kind of problem: whoever chose the Samples almost never chose the exact variation of the 808 Bass drum that you actually want.

to use these replacement sound sets it is nessacary to open up the HR16, remove the OS eprom

With my sample sets i've tried to reduce this problem as much as possible.

The Multisampled 808 and 909 kits have a wide range of variations on the tweakable sounds, especialy the Kick And Snare. the Hr16 has pitch and volume control, so the samples themselves don't need pitch or volume variations.
the HRDIGI and HRANAL kits consist entirely of samples from drum machines that don't have any settings to change apart from Pitch and Volume, So the HR16 does a really good job of emulating them, with a little bit of added crunch.

  • HR808 - Multisampled 808 kit, multiple samples for everything with a knob on it.

  • HR909 - Multisampled 909 kit, multiple samples for everything with a knob on it.

  • HRDIGI - A selection of samples from Digital drum machines that don't have many parameters. Roland TR707, TR727, Linn, Oberheim Tom, Boss Dr220.

  • HRANAL - Samples of Analog drum machines that don't have knobs. Roland TR606, Boss DR110,DR55, Yamaha MR10, Korg KPR77.