Synth Repair Lab

Tr505 Rythmn Imposter a mod to put TR909 sounds in the Roland TR505 Drum machine

Dynacord Percuter Cartridges Clones of the Dynacord Percuter Cartridges.

Farfisa Soundmaker Replacement poly modules.

Farfisa Syntorchestra the original.
Farfisa Syntochestra 4 PSU and knobs.

Farfisa gs42r spring reverb rare and fantastic spring reverb repairs.

Crumar Trilogy repairs and documents.

Alesis Hr16 Eproms alternative sound chips.

Roland TR707 a replacement screen is on the way.
Ensoniq Mirage info and stuff to download.

Elka OMB5 a weird arranger keyboard.

Files Collection Manuals Firmware, Software, Schematics for Synths Drum Machines etc.